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Blog #6

Progress has been made on what i am now calling Robo-Pot. The rig will have working pistons, air compressor and tubes all working together to create on beautiful rig!

Screenshot (103).png

Blog #5


 Another fun little rig i created utilizing a sin function for its movement.

Blog #4

The revolver and holster rig was created for use in the film 7ft Tall Hairy and Handsome along with the Werewolf rig in my demo reel.


Blog #3


 A quick 2-D rig to practice the basics. it also utilizes my auto sine function code that i made.

Blog #2


A current pet project I've been on is designing a robotic walker for a potted plant. I'm trying to make it as mechanically sound as possible.

Blog #1


Currently I'm working on creating a code to apply a sine function to a FK chain automatically. currently the issue I'm running into is that the secondary groups are offset from the originals which creates sometimes undesirable animations.

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